Houseplant Care


Low light; water freely in summer, in winter keep soil just moist. Minimum temperature 60F.

Houseplants_African-violetAfrican Violets

Bright indirect light. Keep evenly moist, keep in a saucer and water from below; prevents stem rot, any water splashed onto the leaves can burn them. Temperature 65-75F.

Houseplants_Alocasia PollyAlocasia Polly

Bright indirect light. Water moderately. Temperature, 70F.

Houseplants_Birds Nest FernBird’s Nest Fern

Moderate to bright light (no direct sun). Keep soil evenly moist. Be sure to water the potting mix, not the rosette in the center of the plant (causes rot). Temperature 60-75F.


Bright light, some direct sun during day; water twice weekly, but keep the ‘urn’ full of water. Minimum temperatures, 55F.

Houseplants_Boston FernBoston Fern

Moderate to bright light, no direct sun. Keep soil consistently moist. Temperature 60-75F.

Christmas Cactus

Bright light, in summer, no direct sunlight; in inter direct sun is alright. Soil should be kept moist while plant is growing. After flowering, it should be watered sparingly for two months until plant shows new growth; increase watering as before. Temperature 65-0F; after flowering cooler temperature ‘rest’ period.


At least 2-3 hours full sun every day. Water regularly, but lightly (do not soak) spring through fall.


Bright, indirect light; direct sun will burn leaves. Keep potting mix moist. Temperature 70-85F.


Bright light, some direct sun, especially in winter. Allow top one inch of soil to dry out between watering. Minimum temperature 50F.


Bright light with some direct sun. Keep soil evenly moist during growing period; reduce water in winter but do not allow to dry out completely. Minimum temperatures 60F.


Bright, filtered light (like through a sheer curtain). Water from below, into a saucer but do not allow plant to stand in water for more than 10 minutes. Feed with standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks while plant is in bud and flower. Prefers cool temperatures 55-65F all year.


Medium to bright light; allow the top two thirds of soil to dry out between waterings. Minimum temperature 50-55F.


Low light. Keep soil lightly moist; Minimum temperature 65F.


(Rosa-Sinensis) Bright light, some direct sunis alright. Soil should be moist during spring and summer, but during winter soil should be allowed to dry out between waterings. In addition, during the winter plants should be allowed to ‘rest’ in cool room temperature, 60F.


Bright, indirect light. Note variegated types will color mostly green when light is inadequate. Keep soil evenly moist. Temperature 50-70F; cool room temperature.

Houseplants_Jade PlantJade Plant

Bright light with some direct sun. Water liberally spring and summer, allowing soil to dry out between watering. Minimum temperature 45F; normal room temperature at other times.

Houseplants_Dracena marginataMadagascar Dragon Tree/Dracena

Bright light indirect light. Keep soil lightly moist. Temperature 60-75F.

Houseplants_Miing AraliaMing Aralia

Bright light. Should be watered thoroughly and not watered again until the top 2” of soil has become dry. Minimum temperature 60F, prefers warm room.

Houseplants_Mother-in-Laws-TongueMother-In-Law’s Tongue

Bright light, full sun. Water moderately during growing season allowing soil to dry out between watering; in winter give just enough water to prevesoil from drying out. Minimum temperature 55F.


Moderately bright or filtered light, keep soil moist during growing season. winter, reduce water in lower temperatures. Minimum temperature 55F.

Houseplants_ Heartleaf Philodendron_SilverPhilodendron, Heartleaf

Bright, indirect light. Keep soil just moist during growing season, allow to dry out between watering during winter. Minimum temperature 60F.

Polka Dot Plant

Bright light with some direct sun necessary for good leaf color, Keep soil just moist during growing season. Minimum temperature 62F.

Houseplants_Ponytail-PalmPony Tail Palm

Bright light. Keep soil lightly moist. Minimum temperature 65F.


Bright indirect light; It does best when the top two-thirds of the soil dries out before watering. (Thrives on NEGLECT!) Minimum temperatures 60F.

Houseplants_Sago-PalmSago Palm

Bright light, can tolerate some direct sunlight. Water soil thoroughly, then be sure to allow soil to dry out a little before watering. Temperature 60-75F.


Bright indirect light. Water when top one inch of soil is dry. Temperature 65-75F.


Bright, indirect light. Soil should be kept evenly moist. Temperature 65-75F.


Low light. Keep soil lightly moist.Temperature 65F.

Zebrina Pendula

Bright light, some full sun. Keep evenly soil moist.


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