Caring for Live Greenery & Christmas Trees

Live greenery and Christmas trees are traditional for many people during the holiday season. Some people have concerns about keeping greenery and Christmas trees fresh during the season or that it will dry out and look unsightly before the season ends.

Fresh Christmas Trees & Live Greenery

Fresh Christmas trees need a fresh cut prior to placing in their stand. Another suggestion is to drill a 3-4” vertical hole in the trunk’s fresh-cut bottom because it facilitates quicker water absorption, to keep it fresh and vibrant. Be sure to keep the tree stand’s water reservoir filled with clean water. Preservatives like Prolong added to the tree’s water enhance hydration. A six foot tree needs about a half-gallon of water each day. Check the water level every day, especially if the home’s thermostat is kept above 65F. If using a preservative, follow package directions.

A tree that’s well-hydrated has flexible branches. Just bend the branch, it should feel flexible and emit that classic spruce or pine smell!

Another option is to spray live trees (in conjunction with Prolong in the tree’s water) and greenery with an anti-transpirant, like Wiltpruf prior to bringing it inside the home. It protects and extends the life of Christmas trees and greenery by reducing moisture loss. It’s organic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, and is available in a ready-to-use spray. Wiltpruf is also beneficial for all exterior evergreen shrubs, like Boxwood, Rhododendron, and others to protect against drying winter winds.

Avoid placing your tree and other live greenery in sunny locations, near heating vents or radiators as they can increase drying and needle loss.